In our modern world, we are inundated with communication at every turn. TV, radio, internet, emails, phone calls, newspapers, magazines and meetings occupy an intimate part of our daily lives. But how often do any of these attempts have any real impact? How many of these messages are memorable and impressive? More importantly, how many ever affect us enough to stir our interest to act?

With more than 25 years of experience in media, business and public relations, Marc Chodorow has a long list of client success stories. With an ace team of experts to call on in technical fields, graphic design and media, Chodorow Associates is ready to help you polish and effectively present your message.


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  Develop memorable messages
  Strategic communications planning
  Speech writing & editing
  Brochure & newsletter writing & design
  Roadshow presentations
  Internal communications

If you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, the best delivery in the world won't help you. Likewise, the best communications strategy will get you nowhere without a meaningful message. Chodorow Associates helps businesses and business people develop, perfect and deliver effective communications. Working with your internal staff or with your external agency team, we can assist with message development, Mind-Mapping, PowerPoint, and strategic communications planning.

Clients profit by learning how to:
> Understand the audience and their interests
> Develop solid messages that achieve your goals
> Use Mind Mapping to stay organized
> Create "quotable quotes"
> Find the answers to tough questions
> Prepare for or manage a crisis

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  Financial analyst meetings
  Roadshow presentations
  Shareholder meetings
  Sales meetings
  Board or staff meetings

Studies show that many of even the most seasoned public executives are more afraid of standing before an audience than they are of sickness and death! But, of course, public speaking is something most business people must do. Chodorow's presentation coaching sessions are not generic, but are designed to meet the needs and expertise of those attending. Each session is developed for participants to move to their next level of proficiency in talking to audiences.

• One-on-one, small group, or large group sessions
• Full-day sessions, half-day sessions, or personalized scheduling
• On camera practice and reviews

Clients profit by learning how to:
> Relax when feeling nervous
> Maintain control under pressure
> Keep proper pacing
> Deliver solid, powerful messages
> Use visual aids and props effectively
> Deal with dissenters and interruptions
> Use a teleprompter


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  Media tours
  Press conferences
  National broadcast programs
  Wire service stories
  Business and trade press
  Local media
  Satellite tours
  Managing a crisis

Dealing with the media can be a daunting experience. Going it alone is akin to walking into a courtroom without an attorney. The media has its own language, a high-pressure time frame, and “rules of the game" that many are not familiar with. In the “court of public opinion” a lot is at stake. In our coaching sessions, an agenda is developed to best help participants effectively make their points when being interviewed and take them to the next level of comfort when dealing with the media.

• One-on-one, small group, or large group sessions
• Full-day sessions, half-day sessions, or personalized scheduling
• On camera interview drills and reviews

Clients profit by learning how to:
> Stay in control and show confidence
> Deliver solid messages in media time constraints
> Get quoted positively
> Answer tough questions effectively
> Use good posture to look good and think better
> Dress for the camera


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Chodorow Associate’s Concierge Coaching® is a unique way for an executive or a group of corporate spokespeople to stay ready for important communications opportunities. As with concierge physicians, Chodorow is “on-call” to work with participants and guarantees response even to last-minute needs. We provide intensive telephone coaching with rehearsal drills to prepare spokespeople for an upcoming interview or presentation.


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“Thank you for your efforts. The CEO did a very good job in NY last week. He had two live TV interviews and nailed them both. He did fine in the print interviews and we have a Fortune story in development.”    
              Head of PR, national retail chain

“The presentations went extremely well. Our host went out of his way to tell us how professional we were. Some of the coaching you provided I am sure will help all of us in future presentations as well. I know it will for me. Thanks for your valuable help. You are a great coach!”
              VP, Fortune 100 defense contractor

“Just wanted to tell you how much I got out of that two day communications training. I think that I will leverage things I learned here throughout my daily work life.”
              Senior Product Manager, NASDAQ internet technology leader

“Excellent feedback on Analyst Day -- the CEO was very pleased. Thanks so much for your always valuable contributions.”
              IR Manager, NASDAQ biotechnology company

“Thanks Marc. I think I told everyone except you that I thought the session was outstanding and that you did an excellent job. So it's time that I relay that message directly to the source! I look forward to the next time and am already looking for opportunities.”
              CEO, national investor relations agency

“Have been working on slowing down and have had some success but old habits are hard to break. Would greatly appreciate having a refresher in the fall.”
              VP, Chief Legal Counsel, NYSE international transportation company

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For 25 years, Marc has been involved in nearly every major facet of business communications -- radio and television journalism, heading a major corporate public and investor relations department, agency public relations, and 17 years teaching PR and journalism at a major university.

As a reporter for radio and television stations and for National Public Radio and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Marc regularly covered complex issues for a wide variety of audiences. He hosted daily news interview programs for 10 years and won numerous awards for journalistic excellence.

Marc's extensive experience includes working with NYSE and NASDAQ companies, startups, professional associations and not-for-profits. He regularly deals with sensitive and complex issues in technology, medicine, biotech, pharmaceutical, transportation, banking and the arts. Marc has coached hundreds of CEOs, senior executives and professionals from a broad range of large and small companies.


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